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Reminiscence festival: a celebration of dance sans divisions.

Peep into the next series of blog for this month edition, hope you will feel very excited to read this as much as we’re excited to pour our feelings through this blog…:) While their talk mesmerised the audience, a few noteworthy excerpts have been highlighted here what we did so far since the lockdown times & how we kept arts sustained, without letting it into dearth for art lovers, artists & artisans. How it witnessed in order to write a page in the history of it’s honchos! Happy reading this article of ours, stay safe & get connected! :)

Reminiscence festival: a celebration of dance sans divisions to commemorate the ‘International Dance Day’ celebrations.”

“Madhavi Sitaraman and Vaishnavi Sitaraman in a virtual event, Reminiscence, is redefining what this art form dance means for everyone across the globe on the occasion of International Dance Day by a tribute through Bharatanatyam recital.”

In this context, SriValli Sitaraman, the founder of GAC Foundation, who has curated this event, says, “This series will feature on the world dance day evening festival, reminiscing our major Media & TV coverages which was telecasted & featured our foundation’s classical dance performance on the popular TV channel Sri Sankara TV, as a major throwback, showing our Natyanjali episode 46, Bharatanatyam dance recital by our foundation team members - Ms. Madhavi Sitaraman & Ms. Vaishnavi Sitaraman. We have decided in order to keep the art form sustainably live, not letting it to dearth for the artists & art lovers & thus we have decided to showcase in the form of a virtual event. It was the first time this event was not backed by any corporate sponsorship, donations. So it is with this edition too this time due to the ongoing pandemic, we decided to premiere the event in all our foundation’s social media handles, yet virtually for the audiences.”

Reminiscence, an act of recollection of past events & experiences, which something Srivalli is trying to revisit, which all she wants to recall is the huge milestone of GAC Foundation & celebrating 13 years of this organisation on this special world dance day till now. She launched her maiden project of GAC Foundation named ‘Reminiscence’, under this aim only. The GAC foundation team celebrated world dance day since 2014–2019 with full support & had staged shows with large audiences in Gayathri Community Hall, Rohini Delhi, hence the title “since last year 2020 with the defying pandemic across the country where we all are under the lockdown & in order to ensure to stay safe & healthy, we were not be able to conduct this dance day event due to the pandemic across the country. So it is with this year’s edition too but as a virtual event.”

Coping up with the cultural events in lockdown:

The curtain raiser last Thursday featured Bharatanatyam Dance recital by duo’s Madhavi Sitaraman & Vaishnavi Sitaraman. This was telecasted & featured at Sri Sankara TV, Natyanjali episode 46. Recorded at Sri Sankara TV studio, Chennai & telecasted on Sankara TV in the year 2019 & publicised for public interest this time during the world dance day 2021 in order to maintain solidarity in arts we did something apart from the usual, yet virtually this time.

The foundation also curated another event during the last year pandemic in the month of September, named as ‘Divinity Series 2020’ in order to cope up with the pandemic & to maintain sustainability in the arts & artists too in the society. Divinity Series, a thematic dance-drama production event featuring mythological dance-drama during Navarathri Festival, which the team usually conducts during the Navarathri Celebrations Cultural Programme, previously two thematic editions at Gayathri Community Hall, Rohini, Delhi & third edition of this event our foundation curated during the pandemic period which was during the eve of Navaratri festival, on the Dussehra day, the last day of Navaratri festival. The GAC Foundation decided to curate this event unlike every year, but in an unusual way last year a few days back during the festivities. The team tried to manage all the major preparations within a short span of time due to covid-19 pandemic taking precautions regarding safety measures, we were still able to manage it & made it even bigger & in a better way & conducted with live audiences following covid norms & live streamed on Facebook too globally. The event goes digital/virtual too, in it’s own distinct style & panache. Around this time last year & this ongoing year, the entertainment world in the field of arts & culture was just starting to learn to adapt to lockdowns and going digital & showcasing talents to audiences virtually. We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up by taking initiatives to promote arts & culture at any stage and take the lead.

Going forward, they believe that any live event will also have a virtual angle, the target audience won’t be restricted by their location, and there will be greater possibilities of viewers across the globe. Reminiscence project is their way of initiating both artists & art forms to the audiences into this new phrase culturally.

Reminiscence, a special sixth edition event of World Dance Day 2021, Our foundation’s all time customarily event, organised by GAC Foundation, the event aired virtually on GAC Foundation: ‘Reminiscence’ Facebook page and YouTube channel at 6.30 p.m. IST on 29th April, 2021 Thursday.

- Performance at India International centre (IIC) Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Photo Credits: Delhi Studio 4
- A capture from the event Divinity Series 2020 curated by our foundation.

Thank you all once again, dear art lovers, for the robust response to the opening segment of #Reminiscence, a virtual fest broadcasted on the occasion of International Dance Day celebrations happened on Thursday event, April month, last few months back only. This was an entirely self-sustaining project without any form of corporate sponsorship, donations, any fundraising event, grants or donor patronage.

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